Surrogacy for Infertility in United States

To become a surrogate or gestational carrier: To become a surrogate or gestational carrier is a lengthy process of medical, mental, legal, and personal consideration for both the carrier and the parents. It all starts with the initial application. You can click through to your city to find an IVF Center with an in-house program, or a Surrogacy Agency. The IVF Center or Surrogacy Agency will have qualification requirements to enter their program. To date, all programs and agencies have required a "proven pregnancy history" to be accepted. Compensation and expense reimbursement are managed by the program or agency. It all starts with the application.

To select a surrogate or gestational carrier: Surrogacy agencies or IVF Center's with and in-house program screen applicants who are interested in becoming a surrogate or gestational carrier. Each agency has their own processes to help you find and select a surrogate. In almost all cases, this process involves the insight and experience of the agency to "find" the surrogate that best matches your needs. Unlike egg donation and sperm donation, the surrogate and parents actually pick each other, and are usually not anonamous. We have several IVF Center in-house programs and Surrogacy Agencies available to help. Just click through to your area, complete a form, or click through to them to start the process.