Sperm Donation in United States

To donate sperm in the USA: Sperm Donation in the USA is mainly controlled by a few sperm donor banks. The requirements to be accepted into a program are similar to egg donation, but the process to secure and freeze sperm are infinitely easier than egg donation. If you contact a sperm donation bank and apply, you will likely encounter a pre-screen application and a potential invitation to complete the overall application. In the event you apply to a sperm bank, they will be the ones you contact for support of your application.

To receive sperm for infertility treatment: Yes, it is true, sperm travels well. If you need donor sperm, you can get it. Recognize that if you need a sperm donor, you will likely need an IVF Center to administer the procedure. If you truly need a sperm donor, the IVF Center clearly knows the processes to follow. However, there are other treatments provided by the IVF Center labs that provide the opportunity to use one's own sperm. ICSI in particular (injection of a single sperm into an egg) has radically changed the treatment of male infertility. Complete the form provided for your city and state and initiate the conversation with the professionals who can help.