Embryo Donation in United States

To Donate Your Embryos: There are likely over 1,000,000 frozen embryos in the USA. There are only 3 potential outcomes for these embryos ... reimplanted into the biological parent, donated to non-biological parent, or destroyed. Your IVF Center that helped create these embryos likely have resources to help choose one of these options. In the event you choose to donate your embryos, there are local or national services to facilitate the actual donation. You may contact them directly to start the process. Additionally, "EmbryoNetwork.com" provides you the opportunity to complete a comprehensive application today, because the details of your health at the time of embryo creation will be more difficult to recall tomorrow.

To receive donated embryos: If you are interested in receiving donated embryos from another person or couple, this will require an organized process coordinated from experienced personnel to make this happen. There are medical, legal, personal, financial, psychological and administrative aspects to consider. Those actively working within this field are incredibly helpful. When one follows the processes in place from an experienced professional to secure the donated embryos, the ability to reach an embryo transfer or pregnancy is often easier than one thought. There are protocols available within this experience to make this option a strong consideration. Please click through to the resources available to help.