Egg Donation in United States

To donate your eggs: The Fertility Network provides the opportunity to apply to donate your eggs to help someone undergoing infertility treatment. Each IVF Center and/or Egg Donation Agency has their own criteria for acceptance into their program. Additionally there are FDA requirements and ASRM guidelines that the vast majority of IVF Centers and Agencies follow. If you click through to your location and find a "Apply Now" button, this links you to a time-saving prescreen application. (Do not answer incorrectly ... everything ultimately is verified). This is called a "short-form application" to quickly identify your qualifications based on the most common requirements. Someone will review your short-form, and let you know (likely via email) if your meet the requirements to complete the overall application.

To find an egg donor: Recognize that whether you find an egg donor through an "Egg Donation Agency" or through an "IVF Center's in-house Agency", you will need the IVF Center to do the procedure. Additionally, many egg donor agencies (internal to IVF Center's or Egg Donation Agencies) will provide a list of available egg donors online for selection. If they provide you with a password to access their database, you will be able to match physical characteristics to that of the donors, but please recognize the importance of recessive genes. Think of your own siblings ... are you all alike? Click through to your State / City and complete the form on that page to start the dialogue with an agency and/or IVF Center to provide the additional help you need.